Tetsu's Champions are the four individuals who were chosen by Tetsu as his champions in the fight against Heigou before the Age of Separation: Kariston the Wolf, Olivitess the Eagle, Mo the Great Cat, and Lebius the Dragon. Each of the original champions continue to serve alongside Tetsu's new champions as they move into the Age of Unity. 

Kariston the WolfEdit

A Haskilian shrine for Kariston the Wolf was erected in Purham County within the Illumina Countryside, opposite the site of the Trader Hambos. He is Tetsu's primary champion. 

Kariston is succeeded by Tal.

Olivitess the EagleEdit

A Haskilian shrine for Olivitess the Eagle was erected on the path to New Brightwater, between Brightwater Beach and the village. The Aklorians erected a shrine for her in the Devil's Belch Canyon, which included a large statue of her form sculpted into the rockface. This is also the site of Olivitess' trial, where she tests her subjects and bestows wisdom on those who succeed. 

Olivitess is succeeded by Ailish.

Mo the Great CatEdit

The people of the Shadani-Mo tribe erected a shrine for Mo the Great Cat on the path to their village. Mo devised the Five Trials of Mo and created a cave to test his successor, the entrance to which is invisible to the naked eye and can only be perceived with the Sight. 

Mo is succeeded by Buki

Lebius the DragonEdit

A Haskilian shrine for Lebius the Dragon was erected on the path to Transentia. The Aklorians erected a shrine for him in the Devil's Belch Canyon.

Lebius is succeeded by Elco.

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