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Sudeki is an action RPG which was first released in 2004 on the XBox and ported to the PC platform. Despite the name, the game was developed and ported by the UK-based Climax Group, and published by Zoo Digital Publishing. A Japanese version for the XBox was later released in 2005. The PC port employs the controversial StarForce copy protection system.

There is one patch for the PC port which fixes a high pitched audio bug, crashes related to Intel graphics chipsets and GeForce Ti 4200 & Geforce3 64MB video cards, as well as several external controller issues. Unfortunately there is no official fix for the copy protection - players are advised to search for a solution (e.g. a fixed executable file from so that they can play their legally purchased game without having to deal with the potential disasters posed by the StarForce copy protection system. This game uses a copy protection not compatible with 64bit versions of windows and requires a no-cd. There is no NOCD available for the 1.1 patch. On Windows Vista and higher the game must be run in Win98/ME compatibility to avoid a crash/hang before the main menu.

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