The following article is speculative.

Sudeki 2 was a rumored sequel for Sudeki. However, the project is purported to have been cancelled while in early development in 2007. Climax Studios (the game company that created and developed Sudeki) has not publicized any further attempts to continue the franchise due to a lack of funding.

Despite Sudeki's relatively positive reviews, many players expressed annoyance at its abrupt ending. Years after the game's release, a developer for Sudeki independently released some archived animation footage that briefly continued the story and would have been used to more effectively wrap up loose ends at the conclusion of the first game.

Due to Sudeki's already long length of production, the final clip of raw animation may have been cut due to deadline restrictions.

An anonymous employee in the making of this game has stated a possibility, that if someone were to let the game be made aware to a high enough up member of Microsoft, the game could have another chance with better funding. Get the word out, folks! Make connections! :)

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