"Have you seen my garden? I love the roses, delicate and beautiful, yet they carry razor sharp thorns... I like to think that is how I rule this land."

"Flowers are such transient friends... Summer will make way for autumn decay will engulf their brilliant clothes. I will not be trapped in this pitiless cycle of life... whatever the cost!"

Queen Lusica rules over the Bright Empire and most of Haskilia from Illumina's Castle. Her father died when she was very young, and her mother died slowly of cancer, thus rendering her a prisoner to her own mind. She died prematurely and since that, Lusica fears death most of all.
When the first Aklorian raids arrived, Lusica rushed to find herself a successor, since her former husband was out of the picture, and she did not want to risk her life in giving birth to her own. How she could discreetly retrieve the rumored baby girl with magical capabilities?
From this Aklorian raid arrived the menacing yet promising Lord Talos. This hired assassin would become her secret hand for a time in order to regain his freedom instead of prison for murder, thus a mutual agreement made. He burned a portion of the Estdale Mansion to snatch the then toddler Ailish. Amelia and Charles Estdale, without security from the murderous raids, would have no choice but to flee from their home in the countryside, to Illumina for the queen's help. Lusica helped the Estdales but in exchange, the cover story would be Ailish Estdale was the princess and blood successor of Lusica. Ailish would be above proficient and trained in magic so that should anything happen to the queen before she has discovered immortality, Ailish would be able to either resurrect her or fix her ailments. However, since reaching immortality is Lusica's priority, this fake princess would be raised mainly by maids and servants in an overprotective and hands-off manner.
The Crystal Tower Project consists of four towers which each conduct energy from massive crystals. Chief Science Officer Elco was put up for the job at a young age and later became her most important asset in finishing the machine over the span of ten years. She has gone so far as to pay for a replacement arm of solid gold for Elco's accident when he was 19.
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