Regretfully, your lives will be terminated immediately. Thank you for your cooperation, and have a good day. Krenn Systems: Making Life Better.


The Krenn 5002 System is the computer system invented by P. Keeble. It was maintained by Professor Hayton and the other scientists of Transentia University to operate the Transentine Research Centre. The system ran so efficiently that it no longer required human input.

Krenn Systems is the solo boss battle for Elco.


Eventually, Krenn shut the doors of the Research Centre so that nobody could enter. Any human who attempted to breach the doors was considered a threat to the system, and was killed by the hive robots to prevent any flaws in the system caused by 'human error'. 

Major Battle

The Krenn System is a boss battle for Elco.

Elco leads the group to the room containing Krenn's CPU, but the electronic doors slam shut behind him before his friends can follow. 


Krenn protects its own CPU in a circular, metal room. It releases a large, spherical robot with a red sensor at its centre to dispose of Elco before he can shut down the system. There are four system repair stations positioned around the edges of the room, that will extend to perform repairs on Krenn if its damage begins to affect system performance. Elco's bullets ricochet off of the robot's main body; its only vulnerability is its red sensor at the centre of the unit. 


Full Performance: The Krenn robot will approach Elco and attempt to drill him into the ground. If it misses, it will return to the centre of the room. While it is moving, it leaves its red sensor unguarded and is vulnerable to attack. Once Krenn reaches the centre of the room, it releases a high voltage orange laser in a circle across the room; this cannot be defended against, and must be avoided. Once this laser blast ends, Krenn is once again vulnerable for a shot or two to its sensor. 

Half Performance: When Krenn is reduced to performing at 50%, one of the four repair stations will activate to perform repairs and restore its power. This repair arm must be shot at and destroyed so that it can no longer repair Krenn. Once a station is destroyed, another of the remaining three repair stations will extend the next time Krenn's performance reaches 50%. All four repair stations need to be destroyed to defeat Krenn. 

Malfunctioning: Krenn begins to malfunction when it reaches less than 50% performance. 

Krenn Systems
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Creature Robot
Location Transentine Research Centre
Combatant Elco
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