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To-Do List[edit | edit source]

  • Sort staff member listings into more readable table format
  • Create character infobox template
  • Move World Maps section of the Game Menu page to Locations page
  • Thumbnail navigation menu on the homepage
  • Explain how to defeat enemies in the Monster Compendium
  • Create page for Kazel
  • Create page for Alexine
  • Create page for Cafu
  • Create page for Nico
  • Create page for the god Tetsu
  • Create page for the god Heigou
  • Expand joint page for Tetsu's Champions of old (Kariston, Olivitess, Lebius, and Mo).
  • Add pictures to Tetsu's Champions
  • Expand Transentia and Akloria sections of the Locations page
  • Add every page to at least one category
  • Add photos, descriptions, and/or locations on the Weapons page
  • Add photos, descriptions, and/or locations on the Armor page
  • Add more quests and challenges to the Side Quests page
  • Expand list of consumable Items
  • Expand list of non-consumable items on the Valuables page
  • Expand Krenn Battle guide
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