The game menu is only accessible outside of combat, and is where you manage your characters. The left side of the screen will show statistics for the currently selected character, while the right side will show the character's currently equipped gear, with the character model in the centre. Below is a row of icons representing the functions available to the player, such as viewing inventory items, changing equipment, assigning skill points, changing game options, etc.

Bringing up the game menu will blur the game screen, then pause the game as the menu appears. You may still cycle through the characters currently in the party, although when exiting the game menu, you will be returned to the character under control when you originally brought the menu up.


The menu screen is divided into four sections; three vertical columns from left to right, and a strip of icons along the bottom of the screen.

Character display Weapon
Command icons
  • Current HP
  • Current SP
  • Power
  • Essence
  • Level
  • Current experience
  • Total experience required for next level
  • Florins
Character display

This is a 3D model of the character, with the weapon and armor currently equipped also displayed.


This shows the current weapon and any runes slotted in it.


This shows the current armor and any runes slotted in it.


The bottom section of the game menu interface is a row of command icons for the player to use. In order, they are:

  • Options
  • World Maps
  • Quit
  • Valuables
  • Advancements
  • Quest Log
  • Items
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Monster Compendium


  • Music volume - slider bar adjustment
  • Sound volume - slider bar adjustment
  • Speech volume - slider bar adjustment
  • Text speed - normal / fast
  • Damage numbers - display on / off
  • Nav map - display on / off
  • First-person view up/down orientation - invert axis / no
  • First-person view y-axis auto - auto-snap to target vertical / no
  • Mouse sensitivity - slider bar adjustment


  • Mouse sensitivity appears to be very high, causing the camera to turn extremely fast and causing the view to jerk around. It is recommended to adjust the mouse sensitivity all the way to the minimum or one bar above minimum. This appears to give the smoothest camera turn settings.
  • The game options do not appear to be saved despite notification otherwise. Each time you restart the game, adjust the settings to your preference before loading any saves.

World MapsEdit

There are three sections in the maps:


  • Illumina Castle
    • Training Grounds
    • Castle Grounds
    • Kamo's Shop
    • Tal's Room
    • South Courtyard
    • Tiffion Harbour
    • Castle Checkpoint
    • Castle Interior
    • Lusica's Garden
    • Ailish's Room
    • Talos' Room
  • Illumina Countryside
    • King's Road
    • Nolan Farm
    • Parham County
    • Brightwater Beach
    • Path to New Brightwater
  • New Brightwater
    • Shadani Encampment
    • Village Square
    • Brightwater Lighthouse
    • Brightwater Thicket
  • Path to Shadani Mo
    • Path of Totems
    • Path of Mo
    • Spirit Valley
    • Woluf Valley
    • Susto's Gorge
    • Trials of Mo
  • Shadani-Mo
  • Temple Mo
  • Transentia Road
  • Transentia City
    • City Level 1
    • City Level 2
    • City Level 3
    • City Level 4
    • City Level 5
  • Transentine Research Centre
    • Dean's Office
    • Computer Room
    • Mine Shaft

Shadow World

  • Shadow Nexus
  • Shadow World


  • Crystal Reef
  • Siren's Grotto
    • Singing Siren Chamber
    • Endless Stairs Cavern
    • Aequoris Falls
    • The Natatorium
    • Depths of the Grotto
    • The Maze
  • Cyantine Citadel
    • Castle Gates
    • Ruined Courtyard
    • Darkened Gardens
  • Aklorian Countryside
    • Wielow's Gully
    • Devil's Belch Canyon
    • Ashenbark Woods
  • Path to Aklorian Stronghold
    • The Fire Pits
    • Tree of Woe
    • Eagle Rock
    • Vosser's Peaks
  • Aklorian Stronghold
    • East Battlements
    • Outer Bailey Courtyard
    • Garden and Training Yard
    • Kennels and Grotesque Experimental Laboratory
    • Inner Bailey Courtyard

For more information, visit the Locations page.


This will pop up a dialog box with three options:

  • Load the most recent save
  • Select a save to load
  • Close the game and quit to Windows


This section allows you to view the items you have collected during your journey. They are divided into three different lists:

  1. Monster drops - many of these are simply for resale, although several are wanted by quest NPCs.
  2. Scrolls - these are dropped by bosses and can be used to enhance armour and weapons at a blacksmith's.
  3. Special items - these are generally special quest related items.

For more information, visit the Valuables page.


This is where you go to distribute skill points gained from leveling up for the current character. Skill points are shared between both statistics as well as skills. There are four attributes which can be improved:

  • Health - the amount of health you have before getting killed
  • Power - the amount of damage dealt using weapons
  • Skill - the amount of Skill you have to use Skill Strikes
  • Essence - the amount of damage caused by Skill Strikes and Spirit Strikes

For more information, visit the Character Advancements page.


This brings up the player's inventory of potions and salves, i.e. usable items. Here is also where you set the four items which you wish to hotkey for quick access.

For more information, visit the Items page.


This brings up the list of the weapons the current character is carrying, as well as what runes are inscribed on them. You may view additional flavour text about each weapon by highlighting it and pressing F3. If you press enter, the character will change his current weapon to the one being highlighted.

You can also change the current character's weapon via the quick menu, or by using the mouse scrollwheel during combat.

For more information, visit the Weapons page.


This shows what armor the character is wearing, as well as what runes are inscribed on it. Unlike weapons, each character only has one set of armour. Any upgrades obtained during the course of the game will automatically overwrite the previous armour.

For more information, visit the Armour page.

Monster CompendiumEdit

This is a list of monsters which the player has encountered. The player may use the up / down movement keys to highlight a particular monster, which will cause the game to display a picture of the monster as well as a brief description of it. Some monster descriptions include hints on their weaknesses.

For more information, visit the Monster Compendium page.

Quest LogEdit

In the quest log you will find the list of currently active quests. Highlighting a quest will give a brief description on what is needed to complete it. When the player finishes a quest, it will be removed from the quest log.

For more information, visit the Walkthrough or Side Quests pages.

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