We are developing a new breed of creature that will help form an army powerful enough to bring Haskilia to its knees.

–Ralph Geron

The Behemoth is an alien-like creature that was created by the mad Commander Geron. The creature was to accompany troops and be used as a future weapon in one of his Haskilian raids. It has a big axe and fires electric charges with a Omnitrix-like armband. It lives in the Aklorian Stronghold, and was trapped in chains.


Commander Ralph Geron was placed in charge of operations at the Aklorian Stronghold by Lady Caprine at the Cyantine Citadel. When the light began to fade from the Aklorian skies, Geron was among the men to gradually lose their minds. He no longer answers to Cyantine, and he led scores of unstable troops on zealous but unorganised invasions of Haskilia. The Illumina Elite Guard managed to beat them back every time, so Commander Geron and his troops began experiments to create a creature to aid them in their raids. The Behemoth was the result.

Major Battle

Commander Geron releases the Behemoth on Tal as a form of defiance when Tal demands that Geron hand over the Vessel of True Sight to return to Cyantine.

Behemoth Infobox
Behemoth chained by Commander Geron
Enemy Information
Creature Experiment
Location Aklorian Stronghold
Combatant Tal
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Nassaria Heigou
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