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This is a list of all spells and skills employable during combat, otherwise known as Skill Strikes. The higher the character's Essence, the more damage they inflict with each skill strike or the longer its effects will last.

For more information on battle weaponry, visit the weapons page.


Skill Effect SP Required
Iron Warrior Creates a shield around the party that reduces damage they take by 70% 40
Will of the Sword Focuses his will upon his blade, causing it to damage and Stun enemies around him. 10
Shin Splitter Attacks all enemies in front of him that are within his sword range with a mighty swing. 20
Blade Spark Drags his blade forward, attacking enemies directly in front of him with a sparking swipe. 30
Geyser Charge Attacks with the fury of the earth, striking his target from any distance. 30
Blade Dance Spins with his sword, slicing anyone in his path.

Control him with the Left Thumbstick (Xbox).



Skill Effect SP Required
Witch's Kiss Replenishes the HP of all party members starting at 200 HP.

The higher her Essence, the more HP she restores.

Blaze Ball Unleashes a ball of fire directly ahead of her that explodes upon contact. 30
Shadow Nexus Revives her fallen comrades, starting at 40% of their HP.

The higher her Essence, the more HP she restores.

Celestial Circle Sends a blast of holy light into all of the monsters around her. 60
Gaze of the Wind Bestows Haste, which quickens all party members. 45
Permaforce Summons a spiral of ice that blasts enemies around her. 80


Skill Effect SP Required
Spirit Wind Summons the spirit of the eagle to regenerate all party members during combat. 50
Path of the Warrior Slows the world around her, allowing her to quickly dispatch enemies. 80
Clawed Frenzy Slashes any enemy within range of her deadly flashing claws. 35
Storm Kicks Delivers spinning kicks to enemies around her.

Control her using the Left Thumbstick (Xbox).

Asilas the Wolf Summons the spirit of Asilas the Wolf to aid her in battle.

The higher her Essence, the stronger Asilas is.

Dragon Fire Unleashes the fiery wrath of the dragon, attacking enemies directly in front. 60


Skill Effect SP Required
Cybernetica Fires a volley of explosive pulse charges in a wide arc in front of him. 40
Nano-Enhancement Boosts all party members, which enables them to inflict double damage on their enemies. 35
Plasmatica Fires a supercharged bolt of energy that sears all in its path. 55
Toxic Cloud Sprays a corrosive gas into the air in front of him, damaging and poisoning those it touches. 30
Tesla Shield Turns negative status effects into positive ones, and provides immunity to those negative statuses. 50
Trick Shot Launches a single grenade-sized shot that explodes on contact. 80

^Spoilers below, click to expand:

Tal, Ailish, and Buki's Skill Strikes are also used by their Aklorian counterparts: Kazel, Alexine, and Nico. Although Cafu is not a playable character, it can be assumed that his combat style is similar to that of Elco.