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The story of Sudeki originated with the existence of Omnia, and within it, the world of Sudeki. Of all existing gods and demigods, the heir to Omnia, Tetsu, was gifted with the world of Sudeki. However, feeling lonely, Tetsu conjured a twin brother from himself, Heigou, and thereby shared the world. For a short period of time, the brothers shared their world peacefully, though it was not long before Heigou became greedy for all of Sudeki, and eventually sent Tetsu into exile.

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Tetsu, weakened, searched for help from others, and brought together four champions. Tetsu rallied Kariston, Olivitess, Lebius, and Mo to his side and declared that unity would be his new goal. With the champions, Tetsu fought against Heigou, until Heigou was defeated. However, in an act of rage, Heigou split the world of Sudeki into two separate worlds; Haskilia and Akloria. Haskilia became known as the Bright Empire, as it was a land where the sun never set. The only time the skies ever darkened was when Aklorian troops found a way to portal to Haskilia and raided the countryside. This darkness drifted with them from Akloria, the parallel world that was plunged into never-ending darkness. With Heigou defeated, the champions became widely renowned amongst Haskilia's people and Tetsu regained control of Sudeki. The two worlds continued to live on separately, until the setting of Sudeki, a thousand years later.

Sudeki Folklore

Of the gods and demigods created from the Void

Tetsu, heir to the realm of Omnia, received a gift with which he toyed

Sudeki and all its subjects would worship him alone

Yet still he longed for another god to share his celestial home

So drawn from him, his crystal skin, another child was born

Yet slicing one no good and true, the light from dark was torn

At first the brothers celebrated, and shared their world in faith

But then the dark grew powerful, and love was made to waste

The dark gave swing to the selfish twin, and he banished out his brother

Now weakening, the good twin fled in search of help from others

Of animal men, one wise and fair, his tribe they turned to flee

Why human beings hid their feelings, save the heroic three

Towards separation brought us here, how selfish was my wish

So unity will be our new goal, we fight, the angel hissed

They fought the beast so powerful, and forced him to give in

Then as battle silenced, a rage came over the twin

The world was torn asunder, the subject split in two

Unable to reach the after life, death drifted in the gloom

And then the magic ceased, silence took control

An age 1000 years would pass before this kin would toil

And of the four who bravely fought, their faith was not to end

For time would tell, to save from hell, we would need these friends again

Now is the hour that my brother awaits…