Muster at the Gates

Before you leave the castle, obtain a Wilderness Map from Kamo's shop in the northwest corner of the Illumina Castle courtyard.


  1. Go to northwest corner of the Illumina Castle courtyard
  2. Enter to Kamo's shop
  3. Speak with Kamo and ask Wilderness Map.

General Arlo has ordered you and the rest of the Illumina Guard to muster at the castle gates. To get there, go through the main gates, then through the steam-powered gates, across the drawbridge, and through the tunnel to the door that leads out of the castle. Remember, if you get lost, refer to the arrow in the Nav Map (the top-left corner of your screen).


  1. From Kamo's Shop go to southwest
  2. Open gates and go through bridge to southeast
  3. Go through tunnel

Arlo and the troops have already left the castle. Hurry and catch up to them. Cross the drawbridge and travel through the tunnel leading to the Illumina countryside.

Next quest <Clear Illumina Countryside>

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